8 weeks

4 weeks

Peaking Program: Learn how to hit your PRs at the platform with my 10 week peaking program.  This program will outline the workout schedule and weights/percentages, sets, and reps needed to optimize your performance at your upcoming competition.  I will send you the program for you to download.

online coaching

 ​one time fee



Powerlifting Program with Online Coaching: I will create a custom program to assist you with your powerlifting goals to help you become an animal in the gym.  I will also view and critique videos of your bench, squat, and deadlift once a week to help you to perfect your form and identify areas for improvement.  I will be available to you throughout the week to offer advice and answer questions.  

 ​one time fee

Phone Consultation: Schedule a one-on-one phone call to meet your personal lifting needs.  I will offer you programming advice, lifting tips, nutrition and supplement advice, tips for competitions, and answer any questions you have pertaining to lifting.  

12 weeks